Don't Ask "Can You Hear Me Now?" Start Listening Instead

Judith Mills

Most of us believe we are good listeners. However, we often overestimate this skill and are hard-wired to short change it by making assumptions, providing answers, and jumping in when we think we know what people are trying to say. In doing so, we rob ourselves of the chance to encourage growth, build trust and respect, and promote ownership. Listening is about more than hearing the words; it is about tone, body language, and so much more. But wait … listening well can be learned, so join Judith Mills to understand and practice this underutilized skill. Experience how difficult it is to listen; then understand the effect of good listening and why it is good. Explore ways to identify how to know someone is really listening. Practice the art of asking good questions so you can truly listen to the answers. Join Judith to discover how good listening builds respect, trust, and ownership.

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