DevOps Is More than Dev and Ops: It’s about Tearing Down Walls

Lee Eason

The word DevOps is quickly becoming the new Agile—an overused word that has lost its meaning. Cutting through the jargon, Lee Eason gets to the heart of what DevOps means, where it came from, and why it is crucial for your company to embrace it. If you want to deliver on the promise of agile—to improve quality and reduce time to market—you must understand and implement DevOps. Lee shares three mechanisms of change—enablement, mentoring, and coaching—you can use to drive the transformation, as well as key performance indicators to measure your progress along the way. Learn where the big technical roadblocks lie, why they exist in your company, and how to navigate them successfully. Finally, Lee shares key benefits you can expect with your shift to DevOps—the effect on consumers’ loyalty, developer satisfaction, systems uptime, and software quality.

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