The DevOps Challenge: Now Is the Time to Be a Champion of Quality

Lisa Dronzek

Software failures continue to make news headlines daily. Yet all the industry hype we hear is about DevOps, a set of practices that seems to exclude quality and testers. Does quality matter? Will it become part of the equation? We must take notice of exclusionary movements and become champions of quality. Lisa Dronzek shares voke’s DevOps survey data to provide insight about the realities and unintended consequences of this movement. Whether you are all-in or just feeling left out, join Lisa to explore DevOps—its challenges and its risks. Lisa explains why and how testers need to become IT superheroes to highlight the value of testing. She shares the actions that leaders, managers, automation experts, and manual testers must take. Learn how to identify your unique strengths to become an agent of change, a technology champion, or a customer advocate to show the value of testing in your organization. Change the conversation, and become a quality champion today!

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