A DevOps Approach for Building 100 iOS Apps

Leigh Williamson, IBM

Apple and IBM forged a global partnership to transform enterprise mobility, which includes delivering 100 applications built exclusively for iOS devices. There are myriad challenges involved in producing that many mobile apps quickly—and with excellent user experience and quality. The team had to work smarter rather than simply throw more people at the project. Join Leigh Williamson as he discusses the DevOps techniques they implemented to accelerate their huge mobile development project: cloud hosted services for Xcode-driven continuous integration; an extended quality cycle for the mobile app once in production; and linked front-end/back-end deployments. Because integrating multiple tools from multiple vendors was unavoidable, they employed an automated pipeline for testing and integrating the code for 100 mobile apps. As the mobile landscape continues to evolve, the importance of continuously delivering engaging mobile apps integrated with your enterprise remains critical to everyone's success. Hear how one team met the challenge at scale.

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