Defining the Optimal Level of Test Automation

Jim Trentadue

Test automation scripts are largely run against stable functionality with repeatable results. But automation does not have to be just about running reliable tests against a fixed code base to make them effective; rather, you can determine the right level of automation you need to meet your project’s needs. Three levels of test automation will be discussed in this presentation: Level 1 tests exercise the simplest aspect of functionality in a module, Level 2 tests explore all module aspects except interfaces to other components, and Level 3 tests examine the deepest level of functionality in a module, including those that interface to other components. Join Jim Trentadue as he presents the academic views of each stage and provides practical examples. This session will arm QA & test professionals with the ability to improve the logic in their automation scripts and increase the chances of detecting more defects by defining their appropriate levels of test automation.

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