Defect Prevention: A Tester's Role

Mike Ennis, Accenture

Software delivery schedules are getting shorter and shorter as companies attempt to deliver products to their customers at a blinding pace. A critical role for testers and testing in this crazy world is identifying defects before they ever get to testing. Mike Ennis identifies key defect prevention techniques-walkthroughs, inspections, and reviews-that your test team needs to begin using-today. Yes, we know that these static analysis techniques are old, dull, and may seem boring; however, they actually work! Join Mike to see how static analysis techniques, performed by testers, help them test faster and more effectively while at the same time identifying and eliminating defects earlier in development. Learn how the testing process can facilitate process improvement initiatives that not only will increase testers' productivity, quality, and efficiency but also provide opportunities for their development counterparts to get better, too.

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