Dealing with Stories: Sizing, Tracking, and Defining "Done"

Ken Pugh, Net Objectives

For story estimating and tracking, Ken Pugh finds the same issues seem to crop up on many teams-whether a story is too big, too small, or just right; how best to track stories; the definition of “done” for a story; and what should be represented as stories, as tasks, or as issues. Using real-world examples, Ken shows you how to estimate story size and how to use acceptance tests to divide stories into right-sized chunks that benefit both customers and developers. He demonstrates approaches for tracking progress-internally for the team and externally for customers and management. Learn how to capture actual effort, and when and why you need to compare it to estimates. He also describes how to use acceptance tests to define the doneness of a story. Finally, learn how to estimate the return-on-investment for stories using a combination of business value and effort estimates.

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