Creating Self-Documenting, Reportable, DevOps-Driven Tests

Mimi Balcom Meng

For applications that have fully integrated service middleware, application servers, and backend databases, validation and verification of the entire application ecosystem is critical and complex. The challenge of testing these types of systems is compounded when each integrated application or component is developed by a different team or third-party vendor. Furthermore, application teams with diverse development practices generally require quick responses to system validation checks. Mimi Balcom Meng and her team have developed a testing framework that enables quality engineering teams to create tests that are self-documenting (test specifications are embedded in the test source code and test runs produce step-by-step test workflows and validations), reportable (all smoke tests, functional tests, and performance tests, at all testing cycles, generate queryable and aggregated reports with detailed results), and DevOps-driven (tests are integrated with DevOps processes in a way that test runs are triggered with source code change requests and project build and deploy processes). Join Mimi as she shares the key benefits and challenges in designing and building an internal testing framework to get your tests to this state.

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