Creating a 'Digital Cockpit' for Software Delivery

Nicole Bryan, Borland Software Corporation

In many organizations, developing and delivering software has long been described as a "black box"-requests go in and many months later something comes out. But is it what was needed? Did it provide value to the organization? Was it a quality product? In many software projects, managers are flying blind and have very little in terms of meaningful or accurate data to guide their work. Nicole Bryan introduces the software delivery cockpit and explores the practical and pragmatic instruments and indicators-metrics and measurements-that it should include. She focuses on both leading and lagging metrics and indicators that apply regardless of the development methodology you use. Nicole introduces a core set of metrics focused on the critical aspects of software delivery: code integrity compliance, product quality, business alignment, and efficiency. Leave with a blueprint for a software delivery cockpit, the key metrics you should begin tracking, and steps to build your very own digital cockpit.

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