Cosmic Truths about Software Requirements

Karl Wiegers, Process Impact

The history of many software projects shows that requirements mistakes are the most expensive ones to correct late in development. So, why do we make big requirements errors over and over, even in mission-critical software projects? Karl Wiegers, author of a best-selling book on software requirements and a consultant on many such projects, shares his top ten requirements principles to help your organization produce accurate, consistent, and unambiguous requirements. Although there are few absolute truths in software development, Karl has found several that almost universally apply to software projects. These principles emphasize the critical contribution that good requirements make to a project's success, and the critical contribution that customer involvement makes to good requirements. You'll also hear suggestions for requirements development and management practices that can help any team build a more effective customer-developer partnership. Take away a new awareness of what good requirements are really about and how your next project can avoid being counted in the future history of requirements failures.

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