Continuous Test Automation

Jared Richardson, Agile Artisans

Today’s test organizations often have sizable investments in test automation. Unfortunately, running and maintaining these test suites represents another sizable investment. All too often this hard work is abandoned and teams revert to a more costly, but familiar, manual approach. Jared Richardson says a more practical solution is to integrate test automation suites with continuous integration (CI). A CI system monitors your source code and compiles the system after every change. Once the build is complete, test suites are automatically run. This approach of ongoing test execution provides your developers rapid feedback and keeps your tests in constant use. It also frees up your testers for more involved exploratory testing. Jared shows how to set up an open source continuous integration tool and explains the best way to introduce this technique to your developers and testers. The concepts are simple when presented properly and provide solid benefits to all areas of an organization.

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