Continuous Integration Using an Open Source Platform Architecture

Paul Duvall, Cigital, Inc.

Continuous integration is the process of performing a fully automated build, run often, usually daily, during software development. How do you develop a robust platform architecture to automatically integrate your software into builds? How can open source tools fill the gaps in your platform architecture? After examining the benefits of continuous integration, Paul Duvall discusses techniques, such as architectural validation, configuration management, automated unit testing, and report generation within the process. From a working reference implementation in Java, learn the attributes of an effective platform architecture for continuous integration. Additionally, Paul will introduce you to open source tools, such as Ant, Maven, CruiseControl, Eclipse, xUnit, and others that can help you implement a continuous integration architecture in your environment.

  • Continuously integrating your software during development to improve software quality and reduce risk
  • A robust platform architecture for continuous integration
  • Open source to support the platform architecture.

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