Continuous Context Driven Test Improvement

Jeroen Mengerink

Classical test process improvement is often not today’s best solution. With virtualization, SOA, web, cloud, mobile, and integration with social media, the way we develop, test, and manage has drastically changed. Jeroen explores why Agile, context-driven testing, SCRUM, continuous integration/development and DevOps require a flexible and pragmatic context-driven approach to test improvement. Context-driven test improvement is organized on two levels. [1] The improvement architecture level starts by clarifying the goal, scope, and context. This results in the improvement approach, a mixture of fixed- and free-format models and methods. The analysis of the collected information provides improvement suggestions that help achieve the “new” approach. [2] The improvement implementation level starts with transforming and prioritizing the improvement suggestions into tasks in the improvement backlog and fitting them into business-as-usual projects. Continuous improvement requires a continuous process that includes checking improvement results against the objectives—and, of course, new insights.

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