Configuration Managment at Work in the Project and the Enterprise

Mark Pellegrini, Georgia Tech Research Institute

For configuration management (CM) processes and systems, one size does NOT fit all. Although CM processes are applicable across all projects and product lines, you need an approach tailored to the size and complexity of each project and the systems you develop and support. GTRI/ELSYS has deployed a flexible configuration management approach that meets and exceeds these needs. Learn about the features that all CM systems should have, such as: the ability to reproduce product baselines, version control of all product related work products, flexible levels of control, and support for other management processes such as audit, peer reviews, and requirements. Find out how to organize work products to support multiple baselines, document build instructions, and verify baselines. Walk away with a new perspective on how to deliver robust, cost-effective CM capabilities for both large and small projects.

  • A proven, scalable configuration management process
  • Change control issues and solutions throughout the product lifecycle
  • Configuration management techniques to support requirements development and traceability.

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