Comprehensive Performance Testing: From Early Dev to Live Production

Brad Stoner

Although the idea of doing performance testing throughout the software lifecycle sounds simple enough, as soon as you try to combine the concepts of “always testing” (in dev, pre-prod, and production) with “limited time and resources” and throw in the word “comprehensive,” the challenges can be monumental. Quickly the “how” of it emerges as the most important question—and one worth focusing on. Brad Stoner tackles this topic by explaining how he has been able to solve this seemingly impossible puzzle by applying various approaches such as early and often, learning when to say no, and seriously, I did say no—and more. Brad shares concrete examples of how he has successfully implemented full lifecycle performance testing at several companies. Join Brad to learn what performance tests to run at each development and delivery stage—from a simple load profile on a single server to full-scale soak tests over several days.

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