Communicating the Meaning Inside the Metrics

Terry Vogt, Booz Allen Hamilton

Measurement data is supposed to help you make better decisions; yet, the information provided under the term "metrics" is often confusing, obscure, or irrelevant to those who need it most. Those providing measurement data frequently produce charts, graphs, and reports that fail to illuminate significant conditions and leave decision makers clueless. The solution to the problem is understanding essential models of decision making and recognizing the need to communicate in the language of the decision maker-not in technological lingo. Terry Vogt explains how to anticipate the informational needs of the measurement user and how to translate those needs into meaningful, actionable measurement information. He illustrates his discussion with examples of both good and poor measurement information. Join Terry to gain new insights in how to: see things from the user's viewpoint, design effective measurement systems and outputs, and provide insight and understanding that motivate effective decision-making.

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