The Coming Avalanche of Wearable Mobile Apps

Philip Lew, XBOSoft

For better or for worse—like it or not—mobile wearables are already changing our lives. Mobile wearable devices form a new generation of personalized technology that knows us better than our closest friends do. How many of your friends know how far you walked or what you ate? The challenge for developing wearable applications is incorporating the proper context to add value potential users haven’t considered—while being sensitive to their privacy. In our future, devices will wake us up earlier because of the ice storm last night and contact the people we are meeting to warn them we could be late. Philip Lew explores the most important element of mobile/wearable user experience and customer experience―context. Using real-world examples, Phil breaks down context into the elements you can incorporate into your design and development projects. Learn the contextual elements you need to incorporate right now and identify key factors for future generations’ products.

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