Combinatorial Testing Experiences, Tools, and Solutions

Peter Zimmerer, Siemens AG

Good test designs often require testing many different sets of valid and invalid input parameters, hardware/software environments, and system conditions. This results in a combinatorial explosion of test cases. For example, testing different combinations of possible hardware and software components on a typical PC could involve hundreds or even thousands of possible tests. The classic question for effective testing is always, "Given limited time and resources, which of the combinations should be tested?" Peter Zimmerer describes the underlying challenges in test case design for combinatorial testing and solutions using orthogonal arrays and all pairs test techniques. From Peter’s experiences learn about both free and commercial tools, such as AllPairs, Jenny, Pro-Test, and Telcordia AETFWEB, to support these methods and lessons.

  • A design dilemma due to the combinatorial explosion of test conditions
  • Features, characteristics, and usage of tools supporting orthogonal arrays and all pairs testing
  • The limits of orthogonal arrays and all pairs test techniques

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