Collaborative Leadership: A Secret to Agile Success

Pollyanna Pixton, Accelinnova

When members of a development project are asked to become a self-directed agile team, some claim that leadership and leaders are obsolete. Or, is a different type of leadership exactly what agile teams need to truly flourish? Pollyanna Pixton describes a new, collaborative leadership style that does not attempt to control or micro-manage. It's one that asks the right questions at the right time to generate new ideas and develop creative products that customers need and want. Pollyanna explains the four areas of collaborative leadership-creating an open environment where the best people can work, learning from stakeholders throughout the enterprise, prioritizing innovative solutions based on business value, and standing back to allow the team to succeed. She shares her battle-tested tips for leading collaboratively-fix processes, not people; take the fun out of being dysfunctional; eliminate constructive criticism, because it never is; and more. Whether you are a senior manager, product owner, customer, ScrumMaster, or an individual contributor, Pollyanna's collaborative principles will empower you and everyone on your team to become better leaders and deliver the business value that stakeholders deserve.

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