Cloud Computing 101: Concepts, Benefits, Challenges, and Costs

Arlene Minkiewicz, PRICE Systems

Cloud computing is a paradigm that makes the notion of utility computing a reality. Instead of investing scarce capital in computing resources, IT organizations are turning to pay-for-use hardware, software, and infrastructure available through the Internet. Unfortunately, because cloud services vendors have their marketing engines further into the cloud than their technology actually reaches, there is a great deal of hype around cloud computing. Arlene Minkiewicz introduces the concepts of cloud computing, discusses the different kinds of clouds, and explores different models for employing cloud-based services. She provides insights into the benefits, challenges, and risks associated with moving development, testing, and production systems to the cloud. Explore the costs you’ll face to migrate to cloud computing and how to estimate the on-going costs associated with the utility computing model. Strip away the hype and leave with a solid foundation of what the cloud is all about and where it’s headed.

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