Client Verficiation Sessions: A Low Cost, High Payback Approach

Mette Bruhn-Pedersen, XponCard Service Systems

Want to improve the quality of your products? Of course you do. But how? Mette Bruhn-Pedersen uses a simple, but effective method that includes both clients and users in the development process. His company organizes and conducts verification sessions early in the development process. These sessions consist of two parts: First is a demonstration of the implemented functionality using test cases as examples; second is a "play" session in which the customer is given control of the system to explore the functionality from a business perspective. By observing the client, testers get a better understanding of what functionality is most important to the client as well as increasing their knowledge of the software's intended use. Sometimes, the clients find important, new defects during the session. And almost always, testers learn they need to add new test scenarios based on their observations during the play session.

  • Find missing or misunderstood functionality faster and more cheaply
  • How to improve test suites with client input
  • A subtle way to set realistic customer expectations early in development

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