The Changing Face of Test Management in an Agile World

Tom Roden, Neuri Consulting and Ben Williams, Neuri Consulting

Test management doesn't exist in the world of agile, or rather test managers don't—or do they? Agile methods such as Scrum have many traditional test management activities built in. With practices like self-organizing teams, role blurring, and skill diversification, the face of test management is changing. But is that a bad thing? Tom Roden and Ben Williams explore the key tenets of test management in an agile context, the likely dispersal of traditional responsibilities, and the profound effect on teams and managers. Hear their first hand experiences, some new and radical ideas, and research from test management practitioners worldwide in organizations transforming to agile methods. As a test manager and leader, learn how to prepare yourself to adapt and thrive in a changing landscape. As an agile tester or team member, challenge yourself to answer questions about the maturity of your team’s testing capability.

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