Building a 21st Century Test Automation Framework

Clark Malmgren, Comcast Video Services

Customers in today’s Web 2.0 world expect rapid releases of feature-rich applications that just work. Keeping up with such a paradigm change requires test organizations to focus heavily on test automation. Also required is the ability to deal with a test environment that has multiple teams simultaneously working on different areas of a product. Of increasing importance are parallelism, pipelining, and using machine intelligence to sort through the noise and find real defects in products. Clark Malmgren shares how Comcast has increased throughput of their tests by running them in parallel across multiple set-top boxes and pipelining tests to minimize downtime during a test run. Learn how to maximize your testers’ time by harnessing the power of machine intelligence to identify which test failures are real and which are the result of other issues-and allow your team to focus its limited time on what really matters.

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