Shaun Bradshaw, Zenergy Technologies, Inc.

Know any testers who have bugs opened more than a year ago and still sitting in their defect queue? More than two years ago? Three? The fact is that many software development efforts are focused on delivering new features and functionality, leaving workarounds in place for bugs released in prior versions of applications. Often these defects seem relatively minor—we all have some workarounds for customers—but these are still bugs and ultimately should be dealt with. If you are seeking effective methods to close out those bugs once and for all, Shaun Bradshaw shares his experience eradicating aging bugs—in a Bugfest! Shaun shows how to effectively use kanban techniques to bring visibility to a myriad of outstanding problems left over from previous releases as well as to order and prioritize the work to clear out the nastiest, most offensive defects—and ultimately exterminate those pesky bugs!

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