Beyond the Rock and the Hard Place

Andy Kaufman, Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development

One stakeholder says "Zig." The other says "Zag." No compromise is in sight, and the project deadline looms nearer. The rock and the hard place-welcome to the test manager’s world! How do you deal with an overly emotional stakeholder or a developer who is ignoring your requests? Few of us like conflict, but our ability to navigate conflict goes a long way toward determining how successfully we can deliver quality projects. Andy Kaufman introduces you to "conflict handling modes" that describe different approaches you can take to deal with conflict. Understanding these different modes can help you get beyond your typical responses to conflict to those that can be more effective. Join Andy as he discusses real-world project conflicts, and learn practical ideas to improve your ability to manage them.

  • Different conflict handling modes you can use to manage issues
  • How to understand your own personal tendencies for dealing with conflict
  • Ways to improve your ability to manage conflict successfully

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