Between BDUF and Anarchy: Finding Modeling's Sweet Spot

Tom Nedwek, Avanade

"Big Design Up Front" isn't usually the best way to develop systems. Neither is anarchy, where developers code first and ask questions later. Somewhere between these two extremes lies the "sweet spot," a place where just enough up-front design is followed by incremental design to support individual iterations. Modeling, the representation of a business problem or its solution at different levels of abstraction, is a powerful tool in finding the sweet spot. Tom Nedwek discusses modeling approaches across the solution-delivery spectrum-describing a high-level business process, deciding what the system should accomplish, and designing how that solution will be implemented. Tom provides you with practical design and modeling guidance in each step of the lifecycle, sharing his experiences integrating modeling into multiple companies' development methodologies. Leave with concrete ideas of modeling techniques and artifacts that can help your team as it delivers the right solution to your customers.

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