Better Software Conference 2009: A Software Quality Engineering Maturity Model

Gregory Pope, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

You are probably familiar with maturity models for software development. Greg Pope and Ellen Hill describe a corresponding five-stage maturity model for software quality-not just testing-which addresses the challenges faced by organizations attempting to improve the quality of their software. How do you go about transforming your organization to improve software quality in today’s better, cheaper, faster world? Greg and Ellen present the different maturity levels of software quality organizations: (1) the whiner or know-it-all phase, (2) writing documents phase, (3) the measure the process phase, (4) the measure-based improvements phase, and (5) the tools and process automation phase. Learn how to recognize the signs of each maturity level, where and how to start the quality improvement process, how to get buy-in from developers and management, and the tools to predict and measure software quality.

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