Becoming a Lean-Agile Enterprise

Alan Shalloway, Net Objectives

Many companies have adopted agile by using Scrum on one or more of their projects. Unfortunately, they may be missing the point that agility should be aimed at the enterprise, not merely at the team. Agile enterprises can respond quickly to changing market conditions, competitive pressures, and changing technical environments, thus bringing their innovations to market faster. However, creating an agile enterprise is much more than simply getting teams to adopt Scrum. Alan Shalloway discusses how to use lean thinking to determine where to start using agile methods as well as how to adopt agile throughout the entire enterprise. Alan discusses six areas required to become a lean-agile enterprise: (1) selecting the right projects, (2) matching resources with these projects, (3) creating agile teams, (4) organizing these teams to work with each other most effectively, (5) achieving the required technical skills, and (6) learning how to learn. Leave with a checklist of what to consider when bringing agility into your organization.

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