Back to the Basics: Principles for Constructing Quality Software

Rick Spiewak, The MITRE Corporation

Using an analogy to the building codes followed by architects and contractors in the construction of buildings, Rick Spiewak explores the fundamental principles for developing and delivering high quality, mission-critical systems. Just as buildings are constructed using different materials and techniques, we use a variety of languages, methodologies, and tools to develop software. Although there is no formal "building code" for software, software projects should consider-and judiciously apply-the recognized "best" practices of static analysis, automated unit testing, code re-use, and peer reviews. Rick takes you on a deep dive into each of these techniques where you'll learn about their advantages, disadvantages, costs, challenges, and more. Learn to recognize when you should apply the practices, gaining an appreciation and understanding of how you can achieve better quality without increasing costs or lengthening the development to delivery cycle time.

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