Automating Test Design in Agile Development Environments

Antti Huima, Conformiq, Inc.

How does model-based automated test design (ATD) fit with agile methods and developer test-driven development (TDD)? The answer is “Superbly!”, and Antti Huima explains why and how. Because ATD and TDD both focus on responsive processes, handling evolving requirements, emergent designs, and higher product quality, their goals are strongly aligned. Whereas TDD tests focus on the unit level, ATD works at higher test levels, supporting and enhancing product quality and speeding up development. ATD dramatically reduces the time it takes to design tests within an iterative agile process and makes tests available faster, especially as development proceeds through multiple iterations. Antti shatters the common misconception that model-based methods are rigid and formal and cannot be employed in the rapid, fluid setting of agile environments. Drawing on theoretical knowledge, research, and practical project experience within his company, Antti presents a compelling case for ATD in agile and explains the main guideposts for a successful implementation.

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