Automating Performance Testing at Every Step

Obbie Pet

A major insurance company is building its next-generation claims system and has fifty new APIs to test in twelve months. The entire effort is launched as a first-time agile project with continuous integration. Will the load test, which worked so well with waterfall, serve us when we build production candidates many times per day? How do we test the performance of a system made up of many independent services when any service can be released instantly? In other words: How do we adapt waterfall performance testing to work in an agile DevOps environment? Join Obbie Pet as he shares his approaches to these performance testing challenges and discusses how to implement performance testing at every step. Obbie shares how to automate bottleneck detection by integrating performance monitoring into the application, how to shift performance testing left by pushing it into development, and how to extend performance diagnostics used during testing all the way into production.

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