Automated Testing for New-Gen Digital Interactions: Chatbots, Alexa, and Siri

Sanil Pillai

Today’s IT systems communicate with customers through multiple points of engagement and various interfaces, ranging from web, mobile, and voice to BOTs and apps like Alexa and Siri. Sanil Pillai says these systems need to provide seamless handoffs between different points of interaction—while at the same time providing relevant and contextual information quickly. To accomplish this, a team must be able to successfully pair device hardware capabilities and intelligent software technologies such as location intelligence, biometric sensing, and Bluetooth. Testing these systems and interfaces is becoming an increasingly more complex task, and traditional testing and automation processes simply don’t apply to new-generation digital interaction services. Join Sanil as he discusses the testing and automation challenges in new-generation digital interactions using hyperconnected BOTs. He offers guidance on fast and effective testing and test automation strategies and techniques for BOTs, and shares details about real-world interface BOT testing successes.

About the Presenter

Director of Infostretch Labs Sanil Pillai is an experienced engineering leader for digital and enterprise applications. He has built and managed both offshore and onsite engineering teams, managed mobile projects for Fortune 500 clients, and has deep technical and functional expertise. At Infostretch, Sanil has established agile development and continuous integration methodologies, tracking metrics, and monitoring processes to ensure continuous improvement in the development organization.

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