Automated Test Case Generation Using Classification Trees

Peter Kruse, Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH

The basic problem in software testing is choosing a subset from the near infinite number of possible test cases. Testers must select test cases to design, create, and then execute. Often, test resources are limited-but you still want to select the best possible set of tests. Peter M. Kruse and Magdalena Luniak share their experiences designing test cases with the Classification-Tree Editor (CTE XL), the most popular tool for systematic black-box test case design of classification tree-based tests. Peter and Magdalena show how to integrate weighting factors into classification trees and automatically obtain prioritized test suites. In addition to “classical” approaches such as minimal combination and pair-wise, they share new generation rules and demonstrate the upcoming version of CTE XL that supports prioritization by occurrence probability, error probability, or risk. If your test case design methods are stuck in the last century, this session is for you.

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