Automated Database Testing with NUnit

Alan Corwin, Process Builder, Inc.

With a framework built in .NET using the open source application NUnit, database application developers and testers quickly can create a basic set of build verification tests and provide a foundation for a set of more powerful tests. Alan Corwin demonstrates the framework in the context of a fully functional Web site and offers a brief history of how his team developed it to show how they came to introduce automated testing into their development process. Learn what problems they encountered, how they overcame them, and the value of this framework to the team. NOTE: Those with some knowledge of Microsoft's .NET framework, a .NET programming language, and object-oriented programming will get the most out of the advanced parts of the presentation.

  • How to use NUnit, an open source test harness for .NET
  • abstract test classes
  • Increase quality and shorten development time with this framework

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