Automate to Accelerate: Planning Your Next Test Automation Steps

Andrew Flick, Hewlett-Packard

Is your organization implementing test automation and not achieving the expected success? Are you spending too much effort rewriting scripts that don't hold up over time? Do your test plans sometimes look like random acts of automation? Roi Carmel shares a pragmatic process he’s used for defining automation goals, addressing automation challenges, and assessing an organization’s readiness for automation. Learn how to achieve greater success with automation and significantly increase test coverage, shrink timelines, and support overall business goals. Although there is no magic bullet, no express lane to a perfect automation center of excellence, Roi explains how organizations can assess their maturity against an automation maturity model in the areas of people, processes, and technology. Participants will have the opportunity to actively engage with Roi as he works through a maturity model-based framework for identifying next automation steps and presents case studies to show the framework in practice.

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