Are We There Yet? Knowing When You Have Reached Your Quality Target

Sanjay Jejurikar, Disha Technologies Inc.

Marketing may set the schedule for software delivery. Product management may create the budget. But as a test manager, how do you know when your product is ready to ship? Based on his experiences from managing small Web projects to General Manager in the Windows Division of Microsoft, Sanjay Jejurikar discusses the critical factors all test managers face making that judgement. Learn to deal with the challenges of an unmanageable test matrix (applications, hardware, browsers, OS platforms, etc). Find out how Sanjay develops his test strategy and release criteria early; then monitors risk factors to prioritize testing along the way; and finally makes that difficult quality recommendation.

  • The quality targets and release criteria to make the release process/end-game more objective
  • The critical factors to consider for prioritizing testing efforts
  • Collect and track the appropriate data for sound judgements

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