Apple Watch, Wearables, and Mobile Data—with IBM MobileFirst

Marek Sadowski

Wearables are the ultimate in personal computing, the most personal devices ever created. Wearable devices offer new ways to collect data and respond to information about your health and the environment around you. Wearables introduce new interaction paradigms and new things to consider when building mobile/wearable applications. Because wearable apps are always at your fingertips, always in context, and always expected to perform quickly and efficiently, Andrew Tice asserts that they must be super-reliable, -fast, and -efficient. Learn strategies to develop, optimize, and maintain wearable applications and their associated mobile apps. Using the IBM MobileFirst platform as the technology framework, Andrew shares real-world wearable apps and walks you through projects that target popular wearable devices, including those from Apple and Microsoft. Andrew highlights the tools and core design principles necessary to maintain consistency and quality throughout the entire wearables application lifecycle.

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