Appium, Test-Driven Development, and Continuous Integration

James Koch

James Koch demonstrates how to apply test-driven development and continuous integration using Appium, an industry leading open-source automation tool. Appium was inspired by Selenium for web browser testing. Their philosophy—Why do anything different for mobile? Appium allows you to run tests without having to add any third party framework or extension into your application, so you are testing the same application you are shipping! With faster release cycles, the need for quality testing is more necessary than ever. Tools like Appium leverage continuous integration and test-driven development which help ensure you are presenting a quality, error-free application to stakeholders even before beta and user acceptance testing. James shows you how to get started with Appium by providing best practices for creating, executing, and monitoring your application’s development. He discusses the importance of automated testing and how using this model in a DevOps environment eliminates bugs throughout the iOS and Android development lifecycle.

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