Apodora: An Open Source Framework for Web Testing

Seth Southern, ACULIS - Software Development Services

Are you frustrated with automated test scripts that require constant maintenance and don't seem to be worth the effort? Seth Southern introduces Apodora, a new open source framework for automating functional testing of Web applications. Apodora was released under the GNU General Public License to the open source community with the goal of collaboratively creating a superior, free, automated Web testing tool. The key benefit of Apodora is to help you reduce the maintenance and overhead of test automation scripts. Seth introduces you to the open source project, demonstrates the use of Apodora, and highlights some of the key differences between Apodora and other test automation tools currently available. Seth shows how Apodora can save you time when the software under test changes and scripts require maintenance.

  • Web test tool gaps that Apodora fills
  • Features of Apodora for functional Web testing
  • Future plans for the Apodora open source project

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