Anyone Can Cook—Is the Same True for Test Automation?

Leo Laskin

Manual testing is becoming less needed as more companies realize the time and money to be saved by automating testing. But let’s face it. Test automation is scary and still new to many QA organizations, many of whom are unclear about where to begin. Do you need a degree or significant development training to write automated tests? What are the programming basics and required tools that a tester needs to know? Leo Laskin answers these questions with data on untrained Selenium and non-technical users and the time it took them to learn Selenium. Discover the programming basics needed to be successful in QA automation and how easy it is to pick up the basics. Explore the best development tool kits for Selenium and IDE programs, and preview more advanced QA topics, including CI/CD and virtualization of test environments. Learn the challenges moving from manual to automated testing, the best programming techniques, and development tools needed to excel in test automation. Join Leo to see how engineers can cook up their own automated tests using Selenium.

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