Analyze, Diagnose, and Prevent Test Flakiness

Dionny Santiago

Test code development is generally approached with more lenient standards and less scrutiny than production code. As a result, rather than providing valuable feedback on software quality, this can lead to tests that produce inconsistent results and false outcomes. Team productivity is affected since executing, debugging, and fixing unreliable tests results in a substantial waste of time. Join Dionny Santiago as he describes how to transition from flaky, unreliable tests to stable test suites that provide consistent and accurate feedback on quality. He shares his experiences on how to avoid high test complexity, non-determinism, and explicit delays to improve the stability of automated testing. Understand the benefits of adhering to the test pyramid, and discover best practices and tools to support full stack automated testing. Dionny demonstrates a UI isolation technique that helps reduce reliance on complex end-to-end test scenarios. Finally, learn how to collect and analyze data—such as failure patterns, assertion counts, cyclomatic complexity, and execution time—to effectively identify flaky tests before they become a problem in your organization.

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