Ambiguity Reviews: Building Quality Requirements

Susan Schanta, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Are you frustrated by the false expectation that we can test quality into a product? By the time an application is delivered to testing, our ability to introduce quality principles is generally limited to defect detection. So how do you begin to shift your team’s perceptions into a true quality assurance organization? Susan Schanta shares her approach to Shift Quality Left by performing ambiguity reviews against requirements documents to reduce requirement defects at the beginning of the project. By helping the business analyst identify gaps in requirements, you can help build quality in and improve the team’s ability to write testable requirements. Learn how to review requirements to identify ambiguities and document the open questions that need to be addressed to make requirements clear, concise, and testable. Susan demonstrates her approach to ambiguity reviews and how she turned lessons learned into a Business Analyst Style Guide to drive quality into the requirements gathering process.

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