The AI Testing Singularity

Jason Arbon

Most basic software testing will soon be done by a few individual, large systems. But today, software testing is a fragmented world of test creators, test automators, vendors, contractors, employees, and even “pizza Fridays” where developers roll up their sleeves and test the build themselves. When teams start testing their apps, they dream up the same positive, negative, and edge test cases as every other team before them. Most software testing is either manually tapping an application or manually creating and maintaining detailed automation scripts—from scratch! AI will soon change all that. AI isn’t just better, faster, cheaper automation; applying AI to testing brings two major disruptive changes to the field: reuse and scaling. Join Jason Arbon for a glimpse into this future and discover how you can leverage AI to focus on the more important aspects of testing. Learn how test artifacts can be reused across platforms and even across applications, as well as how AI continually grows smarter via a reinforcing cycle of scale and improvements. Get a closer look at how testing will get better with your new AI assistants and prepare for this exciting new world.

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