Agile Testing at Scale

Mary Thorn

Over the past twenty years, Mary Thorn has had the opportunity to work at many startups, creating several QA/test departments from scratch. For the past ten years, she has done this in agile software companies. Recently Mary moved from leading small agile test organizations to leading a large agile test organization. She has learned how to lead agile testers and agile testing in large contexts. Mary takes you through what she has learned, identifies the keys to transitioning your test organization as it grows, and discusses the techniques required to lead it through the changes. Agile testing is difficult, and training your testers to be consistent and interchangeable across large scale agile teams is even more difficult. And still more difficult is test automation at scale. Mary shares her experience in creating an automation strategy that works in a large scale context. Join Mary as she discusses her learnings from leading large agile test organizations.

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