Agile Testing at Etsy: How and Why It Works

Arylee McSweaney

Growing team skill sets, resource management, pipeline management, career development, career definition, scaling issues, and optimizing efficiencies are just a few of the problems agile QA test teams face. If you have asked yourself How can I do more with less?, How can I increase the impact of QA testing at my organization?, or How is the QA testing helping or hurting product launches?, then don’t miss this stimulating presentation! Join Arylee McSweaney as she shares Etsy’s value driven—yet individualistic—approach to quality assurance testing. Learn how this small, QA team meets these challenges while continuing to deliver high-quality features on multiple platforms within a continuous integration model. Consider the advantages of value-driven QA test teams, the benefits a centralized testing resource, and the opportunities available for team members to thrive in agile career paths. Discover alternative opportunities to introduce confidence into product launches, mitigate resource burnout, and consider the impact that can be enjoyed when testing becomes everyone’s responsibility.

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