Agile Requirements Readiness ... and the Role of Testers

Christopher Duro, Cognizant

Mature agile teams work together to ensure sufficient requirement information is ready when an iteration starts. However, on many teams, developers lack this support and may receive overly detailed-and often ambiguous-requirements that are “thrown over the wall.” Drawing on recent industry research and successes of companies with which he’s worked, Chris Duro shares stories from three companies that evolved an agile adoption requirements readiness assessment framework. They used this framework to quantify the requirements problems, obtain management visibility, and win improvements in their requirements process. Chris answers key questions about the framework: How is readiness defined and measured? What is the tester’s role in agile requirements development? How can agile teams check thousands of requirement document pages automatically? Discover how developers and testers are working together with users and business analysts to improve the quality of requirements. Take back an assessment template to determine if your organization is ready for agile adoption and what to do to get you there.

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