Agile QA - An Oxymoron?

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software, Inc.

Your software development group is adopting Agile practices. Documentation and processes now are lightweight. There are more unit tests, and all are automated. The software changes quickly with new releases every one to two weeks. What's happening with QA? Quality Assurance groups are typically accustomed to more heavyweight processes in which they spend a third or more of their time documenting tests and tracking results. QA groups that automate user interface tests have difficulty keeping up with the rapid changes inherent in an Agile environment. So, is there a need for Agile QA? Based on her experiences on Agile projects and the experiences others have shared with her, Elisabeth Hendrickson shows how QA teams can respond by becoming more Agile themselves and learning new ways to support the team and the users when the development team moves to an Agile process.

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