Agile Offshore Development: An Oxymoron?

Roger Nessier, Symphony Services

Companies that master Agile development in a multi-shore environment can benefit from reduced calendar time to implement new features, early development feedback to make course corrections, and increased development team responsiveness to changing market requirements. Multi-shore Agile development teams face unique challenges compared with co-located teams-large time zone differences, lack of proximity, cultural differences, and more. With experience driving multi-shore Agile development with several enterprise software companies, Roger Nessier describes ways that he has addressed these challenges. He discusses sprint planning with distributed teams, how to structure and assign work, and tools for communicating in real-time to create an Agile global development environment. Learn about the benefits and limitations of using Scrum management practices for offshore development and what it takes to be successful.

  • Define goals and measure deliverables in an offshore Agile environment
  • Communication and productivity challenges associated with multiple Scrum teams
  • Test- and QA-driven offshore development across distributed teams

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