Agile Hacks: Creative Solutions for Common Agile Issues

Susan McNamara

Whether you are just starting agile or have already made the transition to using agile in your organization, you may face the issues that Susan McNamara describes. Is your team not firing on all cylinders? Do people feel stuck or bored? Is your team having trouble getting to Done at the end of each sprint? Susan has booted up agile in three different organizations and has found valuable approaches that work across different environments. She covers topics including getting the most out of your product owners/product managers, dealing with organizational constraints in the agile group, encouraging good synergy between development and testers, and ways to keep the team mentally engaged. Based on her real-life experiences, Susan provides simple “agile hacks” that you and your team can use to solve these common problems and lift your team to the next level. Sometimes all you need are creative solutions to turn your team into agile heroes.

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