Agile Development on Large Legacy Architecture

Tony Young, Integrated Research

Twenty years of traditional processes produced valuable applications at Integrated Research (IR). However, making changes to software was slow and often introduced quality problems that took months to resolve. When one of their customers offered a great new opportunity, IR had to move with speed they did not possess and achieve a quality level that their old ways would not permit. Tony Young shares how his organization introduced agile methodologies on that critical project, giving immediate benefits of speed, focus, visibility, and quality. He describes how Scrum and Kanban practices-daily scrums, pair programming, short sprints, test-driven development, backlogs, and continuous integration-were rolled out across several agile teams. Learn how IR got CEO support for agile, convinced developers to adopt agile practices, evaluated their progress with metrics, and maintained a unified system architecture using a Scrum-of-Scrums. If you work on a large product or architecture with decades of history or millions of lines of code, this session is for you.

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